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It is critical that we act today!

RE: HB 1313 - please do not weaken the bill
TO: Senator Don Balfour; Senator Joseph Carter; Senator John Wiles; Representative Richard Golick; Representative Barry Fleming; Representative Wendnell Willard

Dear [name filled in automatically],
I am writing today on a matter of great importance.

I understand that a conference committee is going over a version of the GA eminent domain bill which would weaken the bill initially passed in the House and Senate.

Most importantly, the committee is considering changing the definition of "public use" in a manner that could cause confusion and potentially allow courts to interpret it in ways that permit eminent domain for private development. Specifically, the change that's being considered would define "public use" as "possession, occupation, or enjoyment of the land" by public agencies or the public at large. Unless the "or" is changed back to an "and" -- as it was in the versions of the bill that cleared the House and the Senate -- there could be bad consequences for Georgia home and business owners. (For example, the language could be interpreted as allowing cities to condemn property and then lease it for private development -- just as the City of New London wanted to do in the Kelo case.)

I urge you to take action on this matter and stand up for property rights here in Georgia. Recent events regarding eminent domain here in Stockbridge, GA, where I work, show the substantial level of public support in ending the use of eminent domain for private use. I was there in city hall a few weeks ago when they had the city hall meeting where the Henry County NAACP, the Libertarian Party of Georgia (and the Henry County chapter), the Metro South and Georgia Association of Realtors, and countless concerned citizens came out in a show of support. Also present were news crews from channels 2, 5, and 46, and FOX News network.

I would love the opportunity to discuss this issue with you at some point in greater detail. Please feel free to call me at any time at 678-472-4014.

Zachary Sycks
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